20-Days Tour From Marrakech To Nouakchott Mauritania

20-Days Tour From Marrakech To Nouakchott Mauritania

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20-days tour from Marrakech Morocco to Nouakchott Mauritania ,Marrakech modern international destination, and ancient caravan terminal is the ideal departure point for this expedition. In the Western Sahara other travellers don’t arrive and nomadic tribes of camel herders are authentic. Drive on the endless beaches of Rio de Oro to discover an astonishing landscape where the ocean floods in the desert: rocky hills and dunes, during the high tide, becomes temporary islands. Experience the crossing North to South of Sahara, the largest desert on earth, driving out of any track on dune ranges of virgin sand. Discover remote oasis and stone citadels dating back to the 13th century.


Day 1: Arrival Marrakech - Morocco

Upon your arrival, our dedicated driver will be awaiting you at the airport, signaling the commencement of your 20-day Marrakech Tour. The initial day is yours to unfold at your own pace, granting you the freedom to wander through the lively streets of Jemaa el Fnaa and the bustling nearby souks. Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Marrakech, savoring the sensory delights and cultural richness that the city has to offer. This is not just a guided tour; it's a unique opportunity to tailor your Moroccan adventure according to your preferences and desires,  accommodation in Riad.

Day 2: Marrakech Sightseeing

In the morning will start our day of 20 days Marrakech Desert Tours, visit Marrakech, founded by the Almoravids in the 11th century. We highlight the minaret of Koutoubia, a symbol of the city and true jewel of Almohad art, the Tombs of the Saadia, the Bahia Palace, the Medina, and the famous Jemaá el Fná square, where a multitude of sellers, acrobats, and storytellers. overnight at the hotel/riad

Day 3: Marrakech - Ait Ben Haddou - Ouarzazat - Zagora - Morocco

After an early breakfast, we’ll start our tour from Marrakech. We’ll pass through the amazing landscapes of the Atlas Mountains and many Berber villages where people live a very simple lifestyle. Our first stop will be at the UNESCO world heritage site of Ait Ben Haddou, which is also a famous filming location for many Hollywood movies. After lunch, we will drive to the city of Ouarzazate and visit the Kasbah of Taourirt. Then, after a visit to the Agdez oasis, we will pass by the Daraa valley, which has the largest palm plantation in Morocco. Along the way, we will make several stops for unforgettable photos before arriving to Zagora, where we will eat and spend the night.

Day 4: Zagora - M'hamid - Erg-Echgaga - Morocco

Travel on an 20-day trip from Morocco to Mauritania and . Travel in a 4×4 vehicle  with stops at Draa Palmeraie and Tamegroute’s Koranic library and underground Kasbah. After lunch, we will drive off-road to the Mlaalg oasis and proceed to the desert camp of Erg Chegaga dunes. Ride camels to the top of the dunes to witness an unforgettable sunset view and spend the night under the starry sky in a nomad or private tent.

Day 5: Erg-Echgaga - ( Dunes & Fossiles & Antelopes ) - Tata - Mororcco

From Erg-echgaga, the Sahara adventure starts; our 4×4 driving off the beaten track will cross a region of high dunes the Erg Chegaga that we will be...


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Day 6: Tata - ( The Oasis Trail ) - Assa - Morocco

On the road again, to cross a region of spectacular scenery, rocky mountains and large oasis. We will leave the road to discover how, for centuries, the water has been shared between the ……..


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Day 7: Assa - ( Caravan Terminal ) - Ksar Tifnidilt Tantan - Morocco

In the rarely visited region of Assa we will discover the same ancient Berber stone architecture that we will see again thousands of miles south on the …


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Day 8: Tantan - ( Estuaries & Desert ) - Tarfaya - Morocco

Once left Tafnidilt, we cross a steep range of dunes to reach the Dra estuary region, visited only by brave travellers who dare to find their way on the sandy tracks between the cliffs and the …….


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Day 9: Tarfya - ( Dunes & Lagoons ) - Laayoun - Morocco

From Tan-Tan, the road follows an exciting itinerary through a crag on the edge between the Sahara and the ocean. The Naila salt lagoon, separated from the ocean by rows of dunes, with an estuary on the ……..


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Day 10 -11: Morocco Western Sahara

In Laayoune we will meet our local guide, a nomad from a Sahrawi tribe who will lead us through a three-day off-road expedition crossing the Western Sahara from ……


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Day 12: From The Desert To The Ocean - Morocco

Morning continuation of our Trans-Saharan expedition, through a region of dunes, wells and nomadic camps. In the afternoon, a road will bring us ……..


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Day 13: RIO DE ORO - Morocco

The astonishing beauty of Dakhla peninsula landscape makes it a unique place. The Rio de Oro is a 25-mile-long sea loch between cliffs and dunes. Pastel colours paint the ……


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Day 14: Border - Lines in the Sands - Morocco - Mauritania

Our way run on the spectacular cliff between the desert and the ocean. We follow the only open road going south. A signboard indicates that we are “on” the Tropic of Cancer. At Guerguerat military post we will cross the ……..


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Day 15 - 16: Sahara Exploration - Mauritania

Visit on Nouadhibou on the spectacular “Golf du Levrier”. Market and time to buy Ouguiya, the local currency. In the afternoon we will drive south and stay ……


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Day 17: ADRAR - Dunes & Mountains - Mauritania

An absolute “out of any track” itinerary will find the way through high dunes. To cross long ranges of dunes, we will decrease the tire pressure, GPS, maps and, compass will assist our land-navigation in an ……..


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Day 18: Chinguetti - The Oasis - Mauritania

Chinguetti stone citadel dates back to the 13th century and is a cross-point of different trans-Saharan routes linking the Mediterranean coasts to Black Africa. The atmosphere of the ……….


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Day 19: Ouadane - The Remotest - Mauritania

We will drive to Ouadane in an absolute “out of any tracks” itinerary that follows a Ouadi (dry creek), discovering tiny oasis hidden in the high dunes. Entire day experience Ouadane the ………


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Day 20: Nouakchott - Mauritania

The landscape will never cease to amaze us. Leaving the main track, we will reach a region of spectacular mountains, gorges and canyons. Infinite space dominated by the ochre of the earth and the blue sky. At the horizon the ruins of ……

From the desert to the ocean, from Sahara to black Africa.
As resume of Mauritanian history and culture, visit of the interesting National Museum which displays archaeology, artifacts, costumes and textiles from prehistory to the present days. Unique pictures taken during ……

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