14-Days Tour From Casablanca To Marrakech

14-Days Tour From Casablanca To Marrakech

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Experience the best and most popular attractions with our 14-day Morocco tour departing from Casablanca. Our meticulously crafted itinerary promises a diverse and enriching journey. We begin with a visit to the iconic Hassan II Mosque, a unique Moroccan treasure welcoming both Muslims and non-Muslims. Next, we immerse ourselves in the enchanting blue streets of Chefchaouen.

 This is followed by an exploration of the culturally rich city of Fes, where we delve into its historical gems. A highlight of the journey is our venture into the mesmerizing Sahara Desert in Merzouga, where you can indulge in camel trekking and even spend an unforgettable night in Berber tents. We continue to discover the mystical Touaregs fortress, the awe-inspiring Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou.

As we travel to the vibrant city of Marrakech, you’ll have the chance to explore the serene Majorelle Garden  and the bustling Jamaa El Fna Square, where vibrant performances and bustling markets await. Our 14-day adventure culminates as we return to Casablanca, offering the option of drop-off at the airport or your prebooked accommodation.

 This comprehensive journey promises an unforgettable Moroccan experience.


Day 1: Arrival Casablanca

Our customized 14 days tour from Casablanca will begin with a pick-up from the airport. According to the time you will arrive in Casablanca, you should probably travel to the ancient Medina on this day. You will spend the night at a local hotel.

Day 2: Casablanca - Tangier

Travel on an exciting journey that will take you from Rabat to Tangier, with a multitude of captivating experiences along the way. Our adventure commences with a visit to the renowned Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, an architectural marvel. From there, we’ll journey through Rabat to explore the UNESCO-listed Kasbah of Les Oudayas, and delve into the history of the Hassan Tower and the Roman ruins of Chellah. As our expedition continues, we’ll set a course for Tangier, making a stop at the historic Cave of Heracles and Cape Spartel. By day’s end, your comfortable accommodation awaits in the heart of Tangier’s old Medina, ensuring a restful night before the next leg of our itinerary.

Day 3: Tangier - Chefchaouen

On the third day of our 14-day journey commencing in Casablanca, we’ll immerse ourselves in the captivating allure of Tangier’s historic old Medina. Here, we’ll guide you to explore the first American Legation located beyond the borders of the United States, providing a unique cultural experience. Our adventure will then lead us through the picturesque city of Tetouan, often referred to as the “White Dove.” En route, we’ll pay a visit to the breathtaking Akchour waterfalls, allowing you to connect with nature’s beauty. As the day unfolds, we’ll set our course for the enchanting town of Chefchaouen, renowned for its distinctive blue architecture. This charming destination will serve as our tranquil retreat for the night, offering you a peaceful respite in the heart of this captivating locale

Day 4: Chefchaouen - Fes

Nestled within the picturesque Rif mountains, Chefchaouen, known as the “Blue Pearl of Morocco,” is celebrated for its distinctive blue-hued walls that paint a mesmerizing landscape. This enchanting city, founded in 1471 by a blend of Moorish and Jewish influences, will be a highlight of our journey. Our exploration of Chefchaouen will include visits to Ras El Ma, where nature’s beauty combines with human artistry, and the lively Square of Wetat Lhmam, home to the historic Kasbah. Additionally, we’ll travel on an invigorating hike to gain a panoramic perspective of this charming city. Having immersed ourselves in the blue wonder of Chefchaouen, our next destination awaits. A three-hour journey will lead us to Volubilis, the awe-inspiring Roman ruins that echo centuries of history. Subsequently, we will set our course for the culturally rich city of Fes, where we’ll find our haven for the night.

Day 5: Explore Fes

Fes, one of Morocco’s illustrious imperial cities, boasts a rich history as the country’s initial capital, preceding Marrakech, Meknes, and Rabat. In our comprehensive two-week Moroccan itinerary, we have the privilege of exploring two exceptional cities, each with the guidance of local experts.
Our journey commences with a Fes guide, who will greet you at your accommodation in the morning. As you step through the magnificent Bab Boujloud, also known as the Blue Gate, you will travel on a captivating adventure. Our first destinations include the remarkable Madrassa of Bou Inania and the enchanting Attarine.
Moving forward, our exploration leads us to the splendid El Badi Palace, a historical gem of Morocco. Additionally, we’ll visit the University of Al-Karaouine, celebrated as the world’s oldest functioning university, recognized by UNESCO for its historical significance. Our excursion also extends to the ceramics and the mesmerizing Chaouara Tanneries, where masterful leather craftsmanship takes place.
Following this immersive experience, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the old Medina and its vibrant Souk at your own pace. Finally, we’ll escort you back to your accommodation, ensuring a day filled with cultural enrichment and memorable discoveries

Day 6: Fes - Merzouga Desert

On our 6th day, we embark on an extensive journey from Fes to the enchanting Sahara desert in Merzouga, with a series of captivating attractions awaiting us along the way. Our adventure encompasses a range of remarkable stops, each brimming with its unique allure. We commence our day with a visit to the captivating statue of the Atlas lion in Ifrane. An interesting historical anecdote accompanies this statue – it was meticulously carved by a German prisoner who aspired to secure his freedom. This brief stop unveils a fascinating chapter in the town’s history.

 Continuing our journey, we pause to explore the cedar forest, which serves as a habitat for the delightful Barbary Macaque monkeys. A delightful encounter with these charming creatures awaits you here. Our expedition further includes a swift stop at Errachidia’s dam, renowned as the vital source of water for the entire Sahara.

It’s an impressive feat of engineering and an essential lifeline in this arid region. We proceed to the panoramic viewpoint overlooking the Ziz valley, treating you to awe-inspiring vistas that capture the breathtaking beauty of this landscape. These scenic interludes enrich our journey with captivating natural wonders.

As the day unfolds, we’ll arrive at our destination, Merzouga, late in the afternoon. Here, an authentic and memorable experience awaits you, as we lead you to your riad in Merzouga, where you’ll spend the night.

Day 7: Merzouga Desert Tour

Traveling on a single-day excursion through Merzouga’s desert, a standout highlight of our 14-day Casablanca tour awaits you.

This journey offers a firsthand encounter with nomadic life. Our day commences with a 4WD excursion to Khamlia, a town inhabited by the Gnawa people who create captivating rhythms with castanets and drums. We then explore the historic Mine of Mifis, revealing its role in mining minerals such as baryte, salt, and mascara.

 The Merzouga Sahara hosts numerous nomadic communities, and our visit provides insight into their unique way of life. Continuing, we reach a stunning panoramic viewpoint, offering breathtaking views of the Erg Chebbi sand dunes, a testament to the Sahara’s natural beauty. Our journey also takes us to the serene Lake of Srij, renowned for its migratory flamingo birds.

This tranquil locale showcases the wonders of nature. We explore one of the picturesque oases nestled within the Hassi Labied village, revealing the Berber way of life amidst lush surroundings. Culminating our adventure, we immerse you in nomadic life at our Berber camp. Journeying to the camp via camelback, we pause to admire a mesmerizing desert sunset. At the camp, our talented Berber musicians enchant you with rhythmic beats from their drums and djembes.

A warm fire enhances the ambiance. You’ll have the opportunity to ascend the sand dunes, where you can marvel at the stars and the Milky Way, creating a magical desert night.

This day trip offers a captivating glimpse into Morocco’s diverse and enchanting landscapes and cultures, creating unforgettable memories along the way.

Day 8: Merzouga Desert - Boumalne Dades

Continuing our captivating 14-day Moroccan tour, our journey leads us to the scenic destination of Dades Gorges. Before reaching this enchanting locale, you’ll travel on a camel ride back to the village of Merzouga, where the desert’s beauty will linger in your memory.

Our route takes us through Rissani, a town deeply connected to Moroccan history as the capital of Tafilalet and the birthplace of the Alaouite dynasty. The rich tapestry of Morocco’s past unfolds before us as we traverse its ancient streets. Venturing further, we arrive at the extraordinary Todra Gorges. Here, a river meanders through towering 300-meter-high rock formations, an awe-inspiring sight that reflects the raw power of nature.

 Our journey continues towards Dades Gorges as we travel through Tinghir and other charming villages. Along the way, we’ll pause to admire the dramatic Monkey Fingers Mountains and the captivating Tissdrine curves, adding to the array of breathtaking landscapes we’ve encountered.

Our day concludes with a comfortable check-in at our accommodation. The allure of Dades Gorges promises another remarkable chapter in your Moroccan adventure.

Day 9: Boumalne Dades - Marrakech

Traveling on this exciting day of our journey, we’ll set out to explore a medley of captivating attractions before reaching Marrakech.

Our tour offers an incredible experiences. Our first stop will be the Rose Valley Cooperative, a fragrant oasis dedicated to the cultivation of exquisite rose flowers. This visit will immerse you in the world of Moroccan rose products. Next, our journey leads us to Ouarzazate, fondly known as the “Ouallywood” of Morocco. Here, we’ll step into the realm of cinema by visiting one of the renowned Atlas studios.

 These studios have played a pivotal role in the Moroccan film industry, offering movie-making material for various productions. Our adventure continues as we venture to the remarkable Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou, an ancient Berber fortress that has served as a backdrop for numerous iconic films, including Lawrence of Arabia and Gladiator.

 This historical site teems with the echoes of cinematic history. Following a delightful lunch, we’ll navigate the High Atlas Mountains, ascending to a height of 2260 meters. Along the way, we’ll pause to explore an argan oil cooperative, where the secrets of producing this prized Moroccan elixir will be unveiled. As the day unfolds, our road leads us to the vibrant city of Marrakech.

There, we’ll ensure you reach your accommodation, capping off a day rich with exploration and discovery. Your Moroccan journey continues to unfold with unforgettable experiences at every turn.

Day 10: Explore Marrakech

Marrakech, our next destination on this 14-day journey from Casablanca, offers an array of captivating experiences, expertly guided to enhance your understanding of this vibrant city.

 Your exploration begins with a knowledgeable local guide to lead the way. You’ll delve into the lush landscapes of the Majorelle Gardens, a tranquil oasis where artistry and nature harmonize.

Afterward, the Menara Gardens invite you to bask in their beauty and serene ambiance. As you venture further, the bustling Jamaa El Fnaa Square will enchant you with its spirited atmosphere, and the grandeur of the Koutoubia Mosque looms majestically in the background. Our journey through Marrakech takes you to architectural wonders.

The Palaces of El Badi and Bahia will mesmerize you with their intricate designs and historical significance. The evocative Saadien’s Tombs and the Royal Palace provide deeper insights into Morocco’s rich heritage.

 As the sun sets on this eventful day, we will ensure your day concludes comfortably at your accommodation, leaving you with indelible memories of Marrakech and its myriad wonders. Your Moroccan adventure continues to unveil a tapestry of experiences.

Day 11: Day Trip To Ouzoud Waterfalls

As part of our comprehensive 14-day itinerary originating in Casablanca, we embark on a captivating excursion to the Ouzoud Waterfalls.

This natural wonder is renowned as one of Morocco’s most mesmerizing and frequently visited attractions. Situated approximately 160 kilometers to the east of Marrakech, the journey unfolds with a picturesque 3-hour drive. Your experience at the falls will be nothing short of extraordinary, as you are greeted by the breathtaking sight of water plunging from heights of around 110 meters (or 360 feet).

Throughout the day, you will have ample time to relish the surroundings and appreciate the majestic falls. As the day draws to a close, we will ensure your comfortable return to Marrakech, concluding this remarkable leg of your Moroccan odyssey

Day 12: Day Trip To Essaouira

During this leg of our journey, we will head westward to the enchanting coastal city of Mogador, Essaouira.

 This destination is renowned for its picturesque beaches and delectable seafood, promising a delightful experience. Our exploration of Essaouira includes visits to the bustling port area, Citadel, and the historic Sqala Kasbah, where you can immerse yourself in the vibrant maritime atmosphere. Subsequently, you will have the freedom to wander at your leisure within the captivating confines of Essaouira’s ancient Medina.

 Once you have fully indulged in the city’s charms, our driver will be at your service, ready to accompany you on your journey back to Marrakech. This excursion to Essaouira provides a refreshing seaside interlude amid your Moroccan itinerary.

Day 13: Day Trip To Ourika Valley

Prepare to unwind and explore the scenic beauty of Ourika Valley on a leisurely day trip.

Our journey will take us through the picturesque El Houz Plains, leading us to the vibrant marketplace of Tnin Ourika, where locals converge to engage in bustling trade. Here, you’ll witness the authentic Moroccan way of life and commerce. Crossing the river, we will arrive at Setti Fatma village, a tranquil oasis where Moroccans seek respite from bustling city life and revel in the serenity of summer beneath the shade of majestic walnut trees.

This excursion, part of our 2-week Morocco itinerary, offers the perfect opportunity to relax and escape the urban hustle and bustle. As the day unfolds, we will take you back to Marrakech for the overnight.

Day 14: Marrakech - Casablanca

As we approach the final day of our comprehensive 2-week Morocco grand tour itinerary, we’ll guide you on a seamless journey along the highway to Casablanca. It’s a day of transitions and farewells, marking the conclusion of your remarkable Moroccan adventure.

Your preferences matter, so you have the flexibility to decide whether you’d like to be conveniently dropped off at Casablanca’s vibrant city center, allowing you to extend your exploration, or opt for a smooth transfer to Casablanca’s airport for your onward travels.

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