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Best Desert Tours from Casablanca

If you are planning a trip to Morocco, you should already know that the Sahara Desert is a must-see destination. Here at visit morocco unleashed we bring you an incredible list of Tours from Casablanca to the Sahara Desert to choose from. Our tours from Casablanca take you to at least one of Morocco’s two desert regions.

The most popular desert in Morocco is the Erg Chebbi dunes in Merzouga. While the more remote dunes and the Erg Chigaga located beyond M’hamid offer you a more authentic desert experience and are less populated by tourists.

When you embark on desert tours from Casablanca, you will stay in luxury desert camps and experience glamping in the magical Sahara desert like a nomad. During your trip, you will stay in carefully selected riads and authentic guesthouses that will enhance your travel experience in Morocco.

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Most Popular Morocco Travel And Holidays From Casablanca

4 Days Tour From Casablanca

A captivating expedition tour from Casablanca to the enchanting merzouga desert landscapes of Morocco.

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5 Days Tour From Casablanca

A cultural journey from Casablanca to Marrakech, experiencing the vibrant heritage and charm of Morocco.

15 % OFF

7 Days Tour From Casablanca

Explore the enchanting landscapes, cultural gems, and historic of Morocco on a captivating tour  from Casablanca.

25 % OFF

8 Days Imperial Morocco Tour

Explore the regal charm and cultural splendor of Morocco’s imperial cities in a captivating journey rich with history .

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9 Days Tour From Casablanca

A journey from cosmopolitan Casablanca to the vibrant cultural hub of Marrakech, exploring the diverse beauty of Morocco.

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10 Days Tour From Casablanca

A dynamic exploration from Casablanca, immersing in Morocco’s diverse wonders, from historic sites to scenic landscapes.

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12 Days Tour From Casablanca

Discover the diverse wonders of Morocco in a 12-day tour from Casablanca, exploring vibrant cities, historic sites.

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14 Days Tour From Casablanca

Explore the historic , characterized by narrow winding streets, bustling markets, and traditional Moroccan architecture

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NOTE : If the itineraries that we offer By Tour From Casablanca does not match what you’re looking for contact us and we will prepare a trip that suits your own needs and requirements.

What to see in Casablanca

Casablanca, the bustling economic capital of Morocco, stands as a dynamic metropolis at the crossroads of tradition and modernity. Renowned for its contemporary skyline, the city is a testament to Morocco’s rapid urban development and economic prowess. At the heart of Casablanca lies the iconic Hassan II Mosque, an architectural masterpiece with the world’s tallest minaret, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

The city’s economic significance is underscored by its bustling port, one of North Africa’s largest, facilitating vital trade and commerce. While Casablanca boasts a modern business district and skyscrapers like the Casablanca Twin Center, it retains elements of Moroccan tradition in its historic Old Medina, where narrow alleys wind through markets filled with the vibrant colors and aromas of local goods.

The Corniche, a picturesque coastal stretch, provides a relaxing contrast with its sandy beaches and seafront cafes. Casablanca, synonymous with the romance of the eponymous classic film, continues to captivate visitors with its blend of architectural marvels, cultural vibrancy, and the ever-present rhythm of a city constantly on the move.

Hassan II Mosque: The Hassan II Mosque is a must-visit landmark, known for its breathtaking architecture, intricate tilework, and the world’s tallest minaret. It stands on the waterfront, providing stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Corniche: Casablanca’s Corniche is a picturesque coastal area with beaches, cafes, and restaurants. It’s a great place for a leisurely stroll, enjoying the sea breeze and beautiful ocean views.

Old Medina: Although not as extensive as medinas in other Moroccan cities, Casablanca has a historic Old Medina. Explore its narrow streets, traditional markets, and experience the local atmosphere.

Casablanca Twin Center: These iconic twin towers dominate the city’s skyline. The towers house offices, a shopping center, and the Hyatt Regency Hotel. The sky bridge connecting the towers offers panoramic views of the city.

Mohammed V Square: A central plaza surrounded by government buildings, Mohammed V Square is a focal point in the city. The square is named after King Mohammed V, and its architecture reflects a blend of Moorish and European styles.

Royal Palace of Casablanca: While the Royal Palace itself is not open to the public, the exterior and the surrounding area are worth a visit. The palace is an impressive architectural landmark.

Musée Abderrahman Slaoui: This private museum showcases a collection of Moroccan and Islamic art, including ceramics, textiles, and historical artifacts.

Art Deco Architecture in the Maarif District: Explore the Maarif district to discover Art Deco and modernist architecture. The streets are lined with shops, cafes, and examples of Casablanca’s cosmopolitan flair.

La Corniche Mosque: Located along the Corniche, this mosque is known for its unique modern design. It’s a contemporary architectural gem in contrast to the historic Hassan II Mosque.

Casablanca Cathedral (Sacré-Cœur Cathedral): Once a prominent Catholic cathedral, the Casablanca Cathedral is now an abandoned but historically significant building. Its Gothic architecture is noteworthy.

Museum of Moroccan Judaism: Situated in the Oasis neighborhood, this museum offers insights into the history and culture of the Jewish community in Morocco.

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